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         BSc.         Agronomy and Plant Breeding. Isfahan University of Technology (Iran). 20, Jun, 1999.

         MSc.       Plant Breeding. Isfahan University of Technology (Iran). 20, Jun, 2001.

         PhD.              Plant Breeding.  Isfahan University of Technology (Iran). 11, Sep, 2007.

            Title of PhD Thesis: "Basic Breeding aspects of tall fescue germplasm"

September 2006-February 2007, visiting Sabbatical leave as academic guest in ART, Zurich, Switzerland


Current Projects      

My research focuses on Breeding and Germplasm Improvement of Forage crops, Amenity grasses, Oil seed crops and some Medicinal plants using traditional, molecular, and genomic tools. My program will aim at developing new cultivars with increased yield, biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, and processing quality as follow:

I lead the grass breeding and genetics program in Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). We are focused on development of abiotic stress tolerant, high-yielding, and high-quality grass genotypes for diverse arid and semiarid environments with different applications (Forage, Turf and Sport). Germplasm enhancement, application of polycross and HS mating designs, application of genomics technology and appropriate breeding and selection schemes are integrated to strengthen long-term variety development efforts and accelerate genetic gain. Improvement root characteristic systems is one of the most important goals in our breeding programs.

I also lead the barley and safflower breeding program using Inter-specific hybridization at IUT. Our goal is to increase the genetic- and bio-diversity of cropping systems across arid and semi-arid states through the development of new cultivars and ecologically-rooted production practices. Within barley and safflower, we prepared a wide ranges of population through Inter-specific hybridization (Selfed and Back cross generations) for genetic studies and breeding. General traits/systems of importance across the crops we study include drought tolerance, nutritional value, heat tolerance, resistance to some disease, intercropping and deficit irrigation.

Medicinal plants, we already developed some projects for breeding and germplasm improvement of Fennel, Cumin and Milk thistle using molecular and genomic tools as well as traditional breeding. General traits of importance across the crops we study include increasing essential oil and secondary metabolism, drought tolerance, resistance to some disease and deficit irrigation.

Research interest

Half-sib matting and polycross breeding of open pollinated crops - Biodiversity, Genetic Resources and germplasm enhancement- Application of Biotechnology and molecular markers in plant breeding- Bioinformatics, Genomics and Proteomics

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