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Principle of Plant Breeding


Credit Hours : 3 (2+1)

General Objective:

To impart knowledge to the students on the principles and procedures of plant breeding in self and cross pollinated crops to develop the high yielding varieties / hybrids


Specific Objectives:

By the end of the course, the students will be able to

i. Learn breeding procedures in self and cross pollinated crops

ii. Understand exploitation of heterosis utilizing male sterility and other methods

iii. Know about the various population improvement programmes

iv. Study about the fundamentals of mutation, polyploidy and wide hybridization and

their role in crop improvement



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Principle of Genetic

Grading Policy: 

Projects 10 %

Midterm exam 25 %

Final exam 50

Lab exam 10 %

Teacher Assistants: 

Mostafa Khazaii, MSc


Tuesday 10-12

From 2007

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