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Majidi, M. M., Bahrami, S., Abtahi, M., Mirlohi, A. and Araghi, B. 2016. Genetic analysis of seed related traits in smooth bromegrass (Bromus inermis) under well-watered and water-stressed conditions. Fall 2016
Dehghani, M. R, Majidi, M.M., Mirlohi A., Saeidi, G. 2016. Integrating parametric and non-parametric measures to investigate genotype × environment interactions in tall fescue. Euphytica. 208:583–596 Fall 2016
Pirnajmedin, F., M. M. Majidi, A. Mirlohi, A. Noroozi. 2016. Application of EST-derived microsatellite markers for analysis of genetic variation in tall fescue and its comparison with morphological markers. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 65: 225-233. Summer 2016
Irani, S. Majid, M.M. and Mirlohi, A. 2016. Genetic variation for clonal propagation and trait association with field performance in sainfoin. Tropical Grasslands 4: 38−46 Summer 2016
Pirnajmedin, F., Majidi, M.M. and Gheysari, M. 2016. Survival and recovery of tall fescue genotypes: association with root characteristics and drought tolerance. Grass and Forage Science. Accepted (In Press.) Fall 2016
Irani, S. Majid, M.M. and Mirlohi, A., M. Karami and M. Zargar. 2015. Assessment of Drought Tolerance in Sainfoin: Physiological and Drought Tolerance Indices. Agronomy Journal, 107:1771–1781. Fall 2015
Majidi, M.M., Hoseini, B., Abtahi, M., Mirlohi, A. and Araghi, B. 2015. Genetic analysis of seed related traits in Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata) under normal and drought stress conditions. Euphytica. 203:409–420 Summer 2015
Irani, S. Majid, M.M. and Mirlohi,A. 2015. Half-sib Matting and Genetic Analysis of Agronomic, Morphological and Physiological Traits in Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) Under Non stressed versus Water Deficit Conditions. Crop Science. 55: 123-135. Summer 2015
Majidi, M.M., Araghi, B. Barati, M. and Mirlohi, A. 2015. Polycross Genetic Analysis of Forage Yield and Related Traits in Dactylis glomerata. Crop Science. 55:203–210. Summer 2015
Sharafi, Y., Majidi, M.M., Goli, A. and Rashidi, F. 2015. Oil Content and Fatty Acids Composition in Brassica Species. International Journal of Food properties. 18: 2145-2154. Summer 2015
Majidi, M.M., Rashidi, F., Sharafi, Y., 2015. Physiological Traits Related to Drought Tolerance in Brassica. International Journal of Plant Production. 9(4): 541-560. Fall 2015
Barati M., Majidi, M.M., Mirlohi, A., Pirnajmodini, F. and Sharif-Moghaddam, N. 2015. Response of cultivated and wild barley germplasm to drought stress at different developmental stages. Crop Science. 55:2668–2681. Spring 2015
Dehghani, M. R, Majidi, M.M., Saeidi, G., Mirlohi, A., Amiri, R, and Sorkhilalehloo, B. 2015. Application of GGE biplot to analyse stability of Iranian tall fescue (Lolium arundinaceum) genotypes. Crop and Pasture Science. 66: 963–972. Summer 2015
Sharafi, Y., Majidi, M.M., Jafarzadeh, M, and Mirlohi, M. 2015. Multivariate analysis of genetic variation in winter rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) cultivars. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 17: 1319-1331. Winter 2015
Abbasi, Z, Majidi, M.M., Arzani, A., Rajabi, A., Mashayekhi, P. and J. Bocianowski. 2015. Association of SSR markers and morpho-physiological traits associated with salinity tolerance in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.). Euphytica. 205: 785-797. Fall 2015
Derakhshan, E. Majidi, M.M. Sharafi, Y and Mirlohi, A. 2014. Discrimination and genetic diversity of cultivated and wild safflowers (Carthamus spp.) using EST-microsatellite markers. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology. 54: 130-136 Fall 2014
Araghi, B., Barati, M., Majidi, M.M. and Mirlohi, A. 2014. Application of Half-Sib Mating for Genetic Analysis of Forage Yield and Related Traits in Bromus inermis. Euphytica.196: 25-34. Winter 2014
Zarabiyan, M., Majidi, M.M. and Ehtemam, M.H. 2013. Genetic diversity in a worldwide collection of sainfoin using morphological, anatomical and molecular markers. Crop Science. 53: 2483-2496. Summer 2014
Arabbeigi, M., Arzani, A., Majidi, M.M., Kani, R., Seyed-Tabatabaii, B.E. and Habibi, F. 2014. Salinity tolerance of Aegilops cylindrica genotypes collected from hyper-saline shores of Uremia Salt Lake using physiological traits and SSR markers. Acta Phys Summer 2014
Pirnajmedin, F., Majidi, M.M. and Gheysari, M. 2014. Root and physiological characteristics associated with drought tolerance in Iranian tall fescue. Euphytica. 202: 141-155. Summer 2014


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