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Journal Papers
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Mohammadi, M., Mirlohi, A., Majidi, M.M., Soleimani, E. 2021. Emmer wheat as a source for trait improvement in durum wheat: a study of general and specific combining ability. Euphytica. 217: 64 Summer 2021
Saeidnia, F., Majidi, M.M. and Mirlohi. 2020. Marker-trait association analysis for drought tolerance in smooth bromegrass. BMC Plant Biology, 21: 116 Summer 2020
Raherison, E., Majidi, M.M., Goessen, R., Hughes,N., Cuthbert, R., Knox, R., Lukens, L. 2020. Evidence for the Accumulation of Nonsynonymous Mutations and Favorable Pleiotropic Alleles During Wheat Breeding. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 10(11), 4001-4 Summer 2020
Saeidnia, F., Majidi, M.M., Abdollahi Bakhtiari, Mirlohi, A. 2020. Influence of water deficit and defoliation managements on post-drought recovery and persistence of smooth bromegrass. Agronomy Journal. 112: 4578-4586 Summer 2020
6. Saeidnia, F., Majidi, M.M., Mirlohi, A., Spanani, S., Karami, Z., Abdollahi Bakhtiari, M. 2020.A genetic view on the role of prolonged drought stress and mating systems on post-drought recovery, persistence and drought memory of orchardgrass (Dactylis Summer 2019
5. Abtahi, M., Majidi,M.M., Saeidnia,F., Bahrami, S., Mirlohi, A. 2019. Genetic and Physiological Aspects of Drought Tolerance in Smooth Bromegrass. Crop Science. 59: 2601-2607 Summer 2019
Genetic diversity in a worldwide collection of sainfoin using morphological, anatomical and molecular markers December 2013
Genetic and genotype × environment interaction analysis for agronomical and some morphological traits in half-sib families of tall fescue. March 2013
Physiological traits related to drought tolerance in tall fescue. April 2013
Genetic analysis of salt tolerance in vegetative stage in wheat (Triticum aestivum). January 2012
Genotypic variation and selection of traits related to forage yield in tall fescue under irrigated and drought stress environments March 2012
Drought tolerance indices in a tall fescue population and its polycross progenies April 2012
Methods for breaking seed dormancy in one cultivated and two wild Onobrychis species. April 2011
Improved polycross breeding of tall fescue through marker based parental selection. December 2011
Wild safflower species (Carthamus oxyacanthus Bieb.): A possible source of drought tolerance for arid environments. August 2011
Principle component modeling of energy consumption and physical-mechanical properties of alfalfa grind. August 2011
Genetic similarities among Iranian populations of Festuca, Lolium, Bromus and Agropyron using AFLP markers. January 2010
Conference Papers
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Development of a crop coefficient model for sunflower to save water in arid region. January 2013
Evaluation of sugar beet monogerm O-type lines for salinity tolearance at vegetative stage. June 2012
Molecular and phenotypic marker based parental selection to improve forage yield of tall fescue populations. March 2010


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